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Opting for virtual IT services means that, if seasonal business means that, if you place greater demands on your IT infrastructure at certain times of the year, your service can be scaled up to meet them, and back down to save on costs during quieter periods. Similar, as your business grows, your virtual IT can grow with it, at a fixed cost that doesn’t require you to splash out on new dedicated hardware.

We’ll ensure that the virtual environment is safe, secure and delivers optimum performance. While we look after the infrastructure, you can focus on the tasks that add value to your business.

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Virtualisation delivers the ability to take advantage of scalable resources that flex to the demands of your business. We offer a range of secure servers, as well as hosting and applications, which enable you to choose the right solution. Virtualisation allows you to use our hosting environment as a secure location for your applications and computing resources.
We provide:

  • A secure, reliable environment with predictable connectivity
  • Complete range of VEEAM backup and protection solutions
  • A range of browser-based applications for distributed workforces
  • Remote access flexibility for off-site workers and flexible work patterns
  • Hosted applications, reducing on-site costs
  • E-commerce solutions to enhance your online business
  • Fully secured environment with CCTV and 24-hour on-site security
  • Complete power backup with UPS and local generator
  • HFC-227 Fire and emergency protection
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Real-time monitoring for proactive support
  • Transparent, regular reports
  • Windows and Linux OS support
  • Virtual or dedicated servers
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Secure, reliable connectivity
  • Excellent service-level agreement terms


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Industry Expertise

The process of internal auditing is essential for any organisation. It not only provides a way to monitor and compare results to measure progress and performance but it will also determine legal compliance and provide an essential evaluation of your IT businesses objectives and risk assessment control. It is often through the perspective of an objective audit – even an…

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Today, almost every business need can be better serviced via the cloud. Telephony and communication provide a prime example of the way that cloud technology not only makes services more cost efficient but also more effective and versatile too. VoIP telephony has a lot of benefits for any business looking to get more from an investment in communications networks. What…

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Relocating an office is a big transition. It can involve a lot of upheaval and needs to be managed with precision. The transition of business IT is one of the most important elements in any office move. It not carefully managed, this could lead to IT problems that disrupt business continuity and cause chaos and frustration for your enterprise and…

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Remote Working

How can you ensure flexibility and security at the same time?

Posted By Steve on 4-Jun-2018 10:19:29

Flexible working is not just something that employees today have a legal right to request. It has also become an integral part of the work culture of many businesses. Being able to offer flexible and mobile working to employees makes an enterprise a more attractive employer and also creates opportunities for cost saving and efficiency. But how do you ensure…

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IT functionality provides a firm foundation on which any business can begin to grow. A well designed infrastructure and proactive support will optimise IT investment to deliver real returns and enable tangible development. For any organisation, the right support and monitoring can be both an efficient way to handle the challenges of modern business IT and an opportunity to enjoy…

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There is no doubt that the GDPR is dominating the data discussion right now. The EU regulation comes into force on 25th May and will put new obligations on businesses to better handle the data of individuals and make it more accessible to users. However, outside of the GDPR, what expectations exist when it comes to the average IT infrastructure…

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The 7 benefits of managed IT support for your business

Posted By Steve on 11-May-2018 10:49:14

Managed IT support is a smart solution for any business. From meeting challenges of security through to enabling better strategic planning, there are many good reasons why managed IT support makes sense. 1. 24/7 helpdesk support Expert support is one of the key benefits of managed IT support. The cost and commitment of providing round the clock helpdesk resources in-house…

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In September 2017 it was announced that Tegile had become part of the Western Digital Group of companies. The news was big for those with an interest in the enterprise data centre and keen to explore new solutions for big data and fast data. But what changes have actually taken place and what does this mean for the businesses that…

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What could video conferencing bring to your business?

Posted By Steve on 25-Apr-2018 10:37:29

Video conferencing used to be considered something of a luxury and only available to those businesses with big budgets and extensive tech support. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, it is an option for every enterprise, from the smallest startup through to large, international organisations. So, why might you want to consider video conferencing for your business? Reduce travel budgets…

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5 benefits of utilising virtualisation for your business

Posted By Steve on 19-Apr-2018 09:12:34

From financial savings, to a more agile business model, virtualisation is one of the most efficient ways to introduce positive and cost effective change to your business. The key element of virtualisation is that the workloads taking place on servers are not limited to a single piece of physical hardware. Virtualisation switches the workload to virtual systems, more than one…

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